About Us

WKWZ is more than a student activity. WKWZ is an FCC Licensed broadcast station (88.5 FM). WKWZ plays everything form classic rock to Broadway classics to sports-news. Located in the school basement, WKWZ broadcasts from 2:30 PM to 11:00 PM weekdays. Students can get involved in news casting, sports casting, audio engineering, and DJ-ing. A number of independent study positions are available each semester for those who wish to take leadership roles. A great start for a broadcasting career; WKWZ alumni have won numerous awards, including the Emmy, Ace, Mobuil, Shary, and Streisand.

David Favilla, the General Manager of the station has been with us since 1999. Mr. Favilla has a BA in English and an MA in Communications (specializing in radio, video editing and media studies.) He teaches English and Communications at Syosset High School. Prior to teaching at Syosset, Mr. Favilla worked as the morning show producer for WBAB and WLIR. He also worked as a camera operator and video editor for L.E.News Tonight.

Roy Dippel, the Technical Advisor of the station has been with us since 1971. Mr. Dippel was trained in electronics by the Navy, and came to Syosset High School to help build the radio station along with John Schmidt, an engineer at Adelphi University. Roy has been an important instrument in the creation and maintaining of our station.